Social Skills Therapy Groups

Social Skills Therapy Groups will meet once a week!

Individuals will be in groups with peers similar to their age. These small groups will teach appropriate ways to interact in social situations, provide opportunities to build and maintain friendships, and encourage children to become confident communicators!


Please fill out the form below to start the process of joining a Social Skills Therapy Group! The group will need at least 3-4 participants before the first initial group meeting. Comfort will keep in touch as participants join and groups are being formed.

Depending on group formation and participants, Social Skills Therapy Groups will begin in June. 

Summer Special Rates: $75 per child

*Rates will go up once the Summer Specials end. However, if you enroll in a group before the end of May, that rate will be locked in and you continue to pay the Summer Special rate.

Brief Client Intake Form

Thanks for submitting! Comfort will contact you within 24 hours to continue the process of signing-up for a Social Skills Therapy Group!

Love the fact you are creating social skills groups! It is with professional, guided support that these student's lives will be forever changed. They will be more equipped to truly navigate and enjoy the beauty of relationships in their lives.